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Which Is The Most Common Commercial Door Hardware Lock-set?

  • Caleb Jaxon
  • November 21, 2022

Locks are the standard alternatives for most doors since there are a variety of doors (each with its own purposes and features) there is a wide range of door locks with particular applications. This is why  Emergency Lockout in Los Angeles locks are ideal for residential homes and others are more appropriate for commercial buildings. Let's take a look at some of the most well-known kinds of commercial doors that are currently being used.

1. Cylindrical Lever Locks

The levers that are cylindrical in shape have become used for commercial use. You may have stumbled across the lock at some point and not understood the reason behind it. Lever locks don't have to be restricted to commercial establishments, but they're not typically used on homes. But, they can be installed at the request of the homeowner or property manager. The locks are made to handle the increasing use. This means that doors designed for commercial usage are more susceptible to the high volume of traffic as compared to doors for residential use.

It is important not to confuse cylindrical lever locks with other lever locks that are commonly utilized for commercial use in commercial door locks. For example, push-button lever locks are widely used as a standard form in commercial locks, however, there are a few that make use of the cylindrical. Cylindrical lever locks can be operated with a key or a combination of keys and electronic push buttons. These types of locks come with a push button within the inside of the lock, with the keys on the outside of the lock being used to determine who's capable of accessing the lock from the outside.

2. Mortise Locks

Similar to the cylindrical lever locks mentioned previously, mortise locks are desired commercial door locks due to their durability and strength. Mortise locks were in use for quite a while and this only increases the attraction for their lock. In addition to their general strength, mortise locks can be used in commercial settings as they can withstand regular and consistent usage. They are ideal for areas where there are a lot of pedestrians as well as areas where the lock is subject to frequent usage.


As far as commercial door locks Car Locksmith suggests, mortise locks are awe-inspiring and their internal mechanisms are more amazing. Mortise locks comprise several key elements that work coordinated to offer users highly secure commercial door locks. The main attributes of these locks are their body together with the spindle of the lock cylinder strike plate, and the knob on the lock. In addition to these main characteristics, and the standard, there are a number of additional features that can be included in mortise lock. These include plates that are escutcheon (or rose plated) and collars made of hard. These also include face plates as well as the day/night switch.

3. Keypad Door Locks

Door locks with keypads are used in home and apartment structures but a substantial part of them are utilized commercially due to their distinctive characteristic. Its attributes make it a great choice for commercial buildings, which have a lot of employees, and without making any compromises to security. When it comes to security for commercial doors it is important to think about several factors to determine which type of door lock works best. The locks that work best will be the most well-known commercial door lock designs.

4. Panic Bars Or Crash Bars

The word "panic bar" might seem an unfamiliar concept to those who aren't aware of it However, unless you've had difficulties living under the weight of a boulder, you've likely seen one (you may not have heard of). Panic bars also referred to as crash bars, are employed in a multitude of commercial settings. Commercial door locks have been used for a long time, and they first became famous in the UK after it was realized the necessity for these locks.


5. Commercial Electric Strike Locks

The name suggests that, are, as the name implies they are operated electronically by door locks. Electronic strike locks that are commercially available are a combination of a couple of other locks. The electronic strike lock can be described as a lock for doors that is suitable for commercial usage. It has become more common in recent times due to the security that it brings into the equation. However, that doesn't mean that they're not an issue but they'll discuss this later. The lock can be utilized with panic bars, as well as keypads that allow access from the exterior or the inside (which is that an electric strike can be described as a combination of the two locks).


It is essential to take into consideration the ways the way your company runs to ensure that you choose the correct lock to meet the requirements of your company. With the wide variety available commercial door locks accessible, this list is an excellent place to start and will assist you in establishing the right track when selecting the most suitable commercial lock. Don't think that the most widely used door lock is the only one that's suitable for your needs.