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The Most Popular Swimming Pool Designs And Shapes

  • Amy Gary
  • November 10, 2022

The number of pools is 10.4 million pools for residential use within the United States nowadays. We're not shocked not in the least! Swimming pools can provide many benefits for homeowners fortunate enough to be able to enjoy one.
They're the ideal places for entertaining guests. enjoy the fun with your family, take a break on sun-filled afternoons, or do some workouts in the process. They also enhance the value and appeal of your home by doing so! There's one thing for certain.

There are many different Swimming Pool Contractors. Not all are alike and various shapes of pools have a huge influence on your overall enjoyment. One of the most crucial aspects of design for a pool is to choose a design that is suitable to your space and goals. Are you interested in learning more about the different types of shapes for pools?

Then you're in the right spot! Today, we'll go through eight popular pool shapes and how to select the one that best suits your requirements.

1. Popular Swimming Pool Shapes

With all the benefits to be had making the decision to put in the pool you want in your backyard or at home is simple. The difficult part is deciding what it's going to look like! If you're struggling to decide on the perfect shape, these most popular shapes for pools should give you some helpful ideas to guide your choices.

2. Rectangle Pools

Rectangles may not be the most innovative shape for pools However, they're certainly very popular and practical. One reason is that the traditional elongated shape makes them perfect for laps of water and teaching children to swim, or having fun as a family. They can also be incorporated into areas that are uniform which makes them suitable for small backyards, apartments as well as luxury penthouses.
Don't be fooled, the fact that rectangle pools are commonplace does not mean they are boring, however! For instance, you can experiment with various dimensions and depths, as well as incorporate innovative features such as unique steps, benches, and corner hot tubs too. Regarding their aesthetic appeal is concerned rectangular pools are typically contemporary and sleek to look at.


3. Geometric Pools

Geometric swimming pools differ in style and shape. What do they all have in common? Their use of geometric, straight edges. This creates an uncluttered, contemporary look.
They are also a great option for those who prefer an alternative layout and/or have a yard that isn't uniform in its nature. It is possible to incorporate many angles and lines in order to make the modern-day layout you'd prefer. Be prepared to pay more for extra square feet, however!

4. L-Shaped Pools

L-shaped swimming pools are part of the category of geometric designs. They're so well-loved by homeowners and packed with features that they merit an extra note! They're shaped (as the name implies) like the letter 'L and 'L', they have a long side that is elongated and leads to a shorter side that cuts off at a right angle.
Apart from providing a distinctive style to compliment your backyard, this design provides the flexibility of space. You basically get two different spaces to use at the same time! It is possible to swim in the more long end of the 'L', while your children play and splash on the smaller side.

5. Circular Pools

If you have plenty of free space in your home, you're not going to be disappointed with circular pools. They're attractive ways of breaking huge spaces of land. They're the ideal shape for spending time with your family and friends. In comparison to straight-walled pools, circular designs are also economical methods to cultivate large swimming areas.
Many circular pools have enclosures or covers similar to the shape. Offering shade on hot days and keeping debris and dirt out when the pool isn't being used, these enclosures allow for maintenance throughout the entire year.

6. Free Form Pools

Also known as 'radius pools These swimming pools adopt a 'no holds barred' design approach! They're curvilinear by nature with gentle bends, bows and arcs which often appear like clouds or bubbles. Unique and attractive, these flowing forms are ideal for those who want to break up sharp angles in smaller, square-edged areas.
It's important to note that covering free-form swimming pools can be a challenge. Because of their irregular shapes and shape, it's nearly impossible to find something off the shelf that will do the job effectively! This is why you'll have to consider the Custom Pool Builder in Dallas to cover if you choose to set up a free-form swimming pool.


7. Grecian Pools

There's no doubting the appeal of Grecian pools. They've been a fixture in the homes of people for millennia! Imagine a rectangle that has internally-rounded corners, and you'll get it when you have a Grecian pool.
Simple, chic elegant, and beautiful forms, the only disadvantage of these pool designs is that the absence of corners diminishes the amount of space available. This isn't all that bad however it could make a the difference for larger families who enjoy splashing and swimming around.

8. Roman Pools

Elegant and simple, Roman swimming pools are another design classic that draws inspiration from the past. Like Grecian pools in their basic layout, Roman pools are rectangular in design. However, this time the two shorter ends are rounded to extend across the entire length.
These semi-circular spaces may serve a variety of functions. Certain Roman pools utilize them for seats for the shallows, while some have staircases that can take to deeper waters. In any instance, the overall design is a perfect match for properties that have classic architecture.
Are you not a fan of the full Roman style? It is possible to install a "half Roman alternative. The pools have only one edge that's rounded and leave the opposite side with a square (providing the perfect spot for a spa to be installed due to).

9. Custom Pools

Although it's not a "shape' as such, however, it's important to keep in mind that you don't need to adhere to traditional designs for pools. Opt to build a customized swimming pool and you'll be able to create whatever you like! It is possible to work with a professional to design and construct your ideal aquatic space.
You can pick and pick the elements you prefer from each of the pool designs in this list. You'll also have the ultimate control over the hardscaping surrounding your pool, as well as any specific features it has (such as fountains, spas, and seating areas in the pool).